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Carpet cleaning Arizona professionals come by the hundreds, if not, thousands. You and I both know that. So, how are we supposed to choose from so many? Let's start by determining what kind of service you need and why.

What is my desired outcome?

When hiring a professional carpet cleaner your most important task is determining your desired outcome.

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Basically, answer this question.. Why do I need my carpets cleaned?

Here are some additional questions that will help you answer the first one.

Is this a routine cleaning? Normally done between 6 months and 1 year for most home owners.

Does my carpet just look too dirty? This is common reason. Homeowners in this category will search for a professional cleaner instead of doing regular maintenance and upkeep.

So depending on why you need your carpeting cleaned is going to determine the type of cleaning you'll need.

The 2 most popular ways of professionally cleaning a carpet are "dry carpet cleaning" and "steam carpet cleaning".

The dry carpet cleaning method

Carpet Cleaning Arizona

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Dry cleaning carpet flooring is not the preferred method in the carpet cleaning industry. But I have learned that carpet cleaners who use the method are very zealous about this process and take their job very seriously.

Let me briefly explain the basic idea behind dry carpet cleaning so you can decide if this method is best for you.

Traditionally, the dry carpet cleaning, Chem/Dry, method does not utilize water or liquids to clean your carpeting, hence the name.

Instead, powder is used as the cleaning agent, although some may use foam, but the basic idea for its use is the same. The agent is used to attract dirt so that a vacuum can then easily absorb it.

So, the cleaning process actually happens when the agent is applied. This is the most crucial step in the whole process. However, you have to get the carpets ready before you apply it.

My best advise is to pre vacuum and to treat spots / stains prior to doing anything else, then evenly apply the powder agent (or foam) throughout your carpeting and let it sit for at least 1 hour. I personally would let it sit overnight.

The steam carpet cleaning method

Steam carpet cleaning or hot water extraction is the preferred method of professionally cleaning and maintaining carpeting floors throughout the industry, even though it can leave carpeting floors damp.

This method literally rinses your carpet with hot water and steam which starts at around 120F degrees (250F back at the truck), it disinfects as well as cleans and gets closest to that "brand new carpet" look.

The process begins with a pre-conditioner or carpet detergent that is first applied to loosen the soil for 10-20 minutes before rinsing begins. This conditioner is a commercial product not sold to the public.

It is very difficult for non commercial carpet cleaning machines to provide the suction power as well as the water temperature necessary to accomplish the desired results.

It is true that steam cleaning your carpets is going to take longer because of drying times but a good tradeoff for cleaning and disinfecting your carpets at the same time which creates a better and healthier indoor environment.

We wrote about this extensively on this page. (opens new page)

What carpet cleaning method should I choose?

The decision, of course, is ultimately up to you. But as I have said before, you have to know what you need accomplished before you hire someone to come to your home or before you try doing it yourself.

There are a lot more ways to clean a carpet too, but the two described here are the most effective and most widely used.

We've also written more and extensive advise on this page.. (opens new page). Please read before moving to the "next step" below..

Your next step in choosing the right carpet cleaning Arizona Professional

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